Great CLothing for Plane Spotters, Pilots and Avitaion Enthusiasts


Welcome to, the online clothes shop for aviation enthusiasts. We have several sorts of clothing with aviation related printings. It ranges from tee shirts, long-sleeves, hooded sweatshirts and base ball caps. In addition there are accessories such as cups, bags and umbrellas. The printings mainly aim at plane spotters and pilots of both gliders and motor driven air planes. But also other aviation enthusiasts will surely find something sparkling in our store.

Chemtrails Fan Wear

The shop got several categories to makes sure everybody find the stuff he wants. There even is one for Chemtrail-related items. Meaning, it includes clothes by which we make fun of this conspiracy. By the way, most popular printings are 'Chemtrail Pilot, I spray all the way', 'CMTRLS Special, Flying Commander' and 'Classified Sprayers, Flying Squadron. In this section one can find t-shirts, hoodies and baseball caps.

For Pilots

Furthermore, there is a category for pilots. It contains clothing with graphics by which one can show that he or she is a pilot of either a glider or any other type of aircraft. Whereas some display sayings, another one features nothing but a pilot's hat. Just as the Chemtrail section, this category includes tees, hooded sweatshirts and baseball caps.

Plane Spotters' Stuff

As mentioned above, plane spotter-themed shirts and hoodies are also amongst the offerings of Airparel. At this field, special attention has being paid to the usability of the items. That also is why there is a plane spotter warning vest. It has been developed together with JetHeadz, a German plane spotting video collective. The vest is available in neon yellow and signal orange and thus makes sure one is easily visible at danger zones. Or, on the other hand, it ensures not to stick out of the regular stuff at an airport.

Another outcome of this collaboration is the printing 'psst Recording, Tanks a Lot!' It has turned out it really prompt people to quite down when recording a landing or a take off. And, as vids and photos of airplanes are sometimes taken under rough conditions, not only tees and long-sleeves are available here. There also are, besides hoodies, warm winter hats available.

The Airport Spy Series

But this is not the only section that aims at plane spotters. The Airport Spy category does so too. It includes just one design, namely that of the Air Port Spy series. It features the lettering Airport Spy plus the IATA Code of selected airports. Amongst them the 20 biggest of Germany and also of the world.

Airport Spies, meaning plane spotters who miss their home or favorite airport in our program could get the a shirt with their fav code letters though. It just takes an e-mail to us via Then our service will add this version to the line up and you can order it, just as any regular product at the store. By the way. This process is vey similar to out color service which is described just a few paragraphs after this one.

Several Sorts of Propeller Planes

Third topic is a more general one. It is about planes. And, it is divided into three sections, in Prop, Jet and Glider. The first one includes graphics displaying several traditional planes, ranging from the German Ju-52 to the iconic American DC-3. But there also are biplane-themed designs. And, one with a modern light single radial engine powered sports plane - just to name but a few.

Jet Airliners and Experimental Planes

Second category of this kind, meaning Jet, also comes with some legends of the air. Amongst them is the world's first jet airliner, the British Comet. And with the world's first supersonic transport aircraft, Russia's, or Soviet Union's, Tu-144. Quite another kind of revolution is the X-31. This is an experimental jet fighter project by which thrust vectoring was developed to enable post stall flight maneuvers.

No Text, Just Planes

All those categories contain designs which also include texts that are referring to events or innovations linked to the respective air crafts. For those who do not like this, there is a section with printings of planes but without numbers and letters. Name of the category is No Text, Just Planes – a naming which probably will not come as a surprise.

Vintage-style Clothing

Last but not least, and actually first in our link list, is a another classification by style, the Vintage section. As it name suggests, it comprises all clothing of the other categories which feature a popular vintage print. So it contains, for example, many of the Chemtrail-themed apparel. And, of course, propeller-related art works play a decisive role in this group.

Many Colors And Free Service

When it comes to colors, there is a wide variety of hues. Besides the usual top sellers such as black, navy, flecked with grey or white, we also have a lot shirts in yellow, orange, green, bright blue or dark red. However there is much more than this. Because, if an offering is not available in a colour required, we check out whether we can offer it in this colour though.

Meaning, the product will then be added to our shop and one can buy it in the regular manner. Warranty and delivery time will not be affected by this. Even the price is going to be the same, unless we need to fall back to a product which is more expensive. In this case the price gets higher by the amount the product is more expensive. But, with a little luck, it is cheaper. Then the price will be reduced respectively. In some cases even the colours of a design can be changed. This is, for example, possible with the Airport Spy series. For any of this services, just ask at

Newness and Great Gifts

Thanks to all these offerings and the manifold options, they are great birthday or Christmas gifts for an aero maniac. And of course, our product range will be regularly extended. So just come back from time to time to see what is new in the shop.